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((Here’s Kevin, whose adorable ass has begun a journey hundreds of miles away from me, his best friend. I miss him dearly. Here’s his set for the farewell photoshoot we had during our last adventure (for now) all the way in Rising Sun, Maryland.))

Florida Kilos.

Lana Del Rey's new album started to stimulate my life the moment I heard it and I found songs that connected with current events I was going through, but the song that really hit me was Florida Kilos. I can see myself riding the night away in an Impala, windows down and not a care in the world. Since I was headed to Florida in just days after the shoot, I felt the song really held the outfit together.

My clothes came from a favorite store, Forever 21; my faux leather jacket, black and white rose button up, black slim jeans. The shoes I quickly picked up from the sales section at Urban outfitters for that were on sale for $10. (Good find)

All in all the weekend was grand, spent with wonderful people who hadn’t a care in the world about a thing but the people there, all just trying to have fun and get by. I felt loved being there and getting to be one of them before my trip — and of course it had to be Belle’s family, cause with whom else would I spend my last weekend up north?”

Up Against The Wall.

I have had the worst writer’s block. It only makes sense that I finally settle on this song from an album titled Writer’s Block. The Peter Bjorn and John tune is one of my favorite songs of all time, and though it doesn’t exactly speak to this outfit’s inspiration it fit the day because:

  1. it’s what I love to listen to the most during my commute to work (from jersey to midtown nyc during early morning rush hour? Ya I need that)
  2. The bittersweet feeling it gives me + my best friend (and photographer for this shoot) Kevin + good food + nice NYC weather + a bunch of other good things = recipe for perfection and happiness

Anyway, the dress, the boots and the purse are all gifts to myself from myself. (**self love is very important**) The boots are from Strawberry, and they’re my favourites right now! I have no idea where I got the dress. The bag is from Forever 21. Comfy leggings are always a good choice, too.

All in all, a very feel good day/outfit/shoot. :)

Don’t you forget about me!

I have looks I will update within the next week! Fistfloyd is back in business and there are oh, so many ensembles I’ve got in store to knock your socks off. Figuratively, though. You can keep your feet to yourselves. ;)

Don’t you forget about me!

I have looks I will update within the next week! Fistfloyd is back in business and there are oh, so many ensembles I’ve got in store to knock your socks off. Figuratively, though. You can keep your feet to yourselves. ;)

Take It Or Leave It.

I struggled with this outfit — a lot. I was very indecisive about which parts I felt belonged. Ultimately I picked the funkiest pieces I could put together. The ensemble is a bit bizarre; much like this song, much like the artist. Listening to Cage The Elephant makes me feel rebellious, sans cause - if you know what I mean. I was definitely feeling my outfit and myself (because, holla, I’m a powerful young woman with so much potential, you know) and this song encourages being self aware while managing to stay true to one’s feelings!

The print on the turtle neck (thrifted, somewhere!) mixed with the print on the windbreaker (my roommate’s) is an unconventional pairing but something about it felt right. I can always count on my lace top and my “Annie Hall” vest to complete me - uh, I mean, to complete my outfit. Finally, another important part of this is the handbag I found for five bucks at the Salvation Army nearby. It is the perfect size and the perfect accessory for any outfit, something that my photographer (hi, Meg) pointed out to me.

This is from a while back, and it’s been a while so I wanted to post the thing!

scarsontheback asked:


Haha, I love it! And I miss you, girl! Much love. ❤❤


The object of this blog is to express how certain sounds (songs, music) give you a feeling. And everything, I believe, is set up exactly the way it is supposed to be. This song always brought on many different emotions, but I feel it’s titled perfectly. “Afterlife.” Being in Chelsea Market this day, for the first time and with two of my favorite people, was like that. It felt kind of surreal, as if I was outside myself. And I felt so comfortable. This is the same place I took the pictures for my last post (with lordglyphics in it, holla).

I don’t look very amused in these photos, but I swear I was having a great time! I’m wearing my favorite dress, which I bought several years ago (from Forever 21) for Thanksgiving. A cool d.i.y crop top which used to be a regular black t I got for free (free new, at SUNY Purch). And the jean jacket was a gift from mom (from Old Navy, who has the best sweaters, man). It was a fun, pretty outfit. And yes, the shirt has a stain on it. It might’ve been toothpaste? Eh, who knows.