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Award of the Year Award.

One of my very good friends, Natasha, looked so much cooler than I this night, so I knew I would need to share her look with the world (aka, the fraction of it who would even see this). I could not deal with how gorgeous she looked! She’s always looking flawless!

"This was a really amazing night because I got to see You Blew It! in Whitson’s and hang out with a bunch of my friends. This outfit was really comfortable and finally gave me the chance to wear that dress I had stored away for a while.

I chose Award of the Year Award as the song of the night because it’s my favorite You Blew It! song and definitely worth a listen. Award of the Year Award kind of leaves me with a bittersweet feeling. On one hand  it makes me feel like I can get over anything and on another it makes me reminisce about the past. Either way the song is definitely worth a listen.

I got this shirt from Walmart and I think I might of taken this dress from my mom’s closet but I could be wrong.”

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